Linkedin Marketing

Twitter is one of the trendiest and newest social networking platforms used by millions of audiences all over the world. Thousand numbers of users are signing up each day to share anything right from breaking news to sports, to valuable content, to worldwide politics and so on in 140 characters of text. This social platform has changed the world’s access to real-time information. It makes global communication economical and measurable. Other than this, corporates sectors are also grabbing the opportunity of joining the network, publicizing their messages and serving the needs of their customers.

Linkedin Marketing Course Components

  • Setting up a LinkedIn Profile
  • Growing your network
  • Techniques and Tactics of Posting Content
  • Getting leads from LinkedIn
  • Benefits of groups
  • Types of LinkedIn groups
  • Searching and joining relevant groups
  • Group moderation
  • Benefits of a Company Page
  • Setting up of a Company Page
  • Promoting of Company Page
  • Understanding Company Page insights and analytics
  • Monitoring and Tracking techniques on Comments
  • Using LinkedIn Advertising